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death_by_desire's Journal

death by desire
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this is a community for those who have serious 'issues' with love, and sex. the confused, abused, and hopelessly repressed (not to mention your every day stalker or pervert)

obsession. infactuation. love. lust. longing. friendships with bad boundaries. passive-aggressive tendencies towards denying.

if you too are a sexually-repressed pervert (and just might be coming unglued), then come on in (since this might just be the only thing you'll ever get in to, you sick fuck.)


1. anything goes. if you have questions about what's on topic, just look through the interests, or glance through other people's entries. you're smart, you'll get it.

2. if you're going to post pictures, use lj-cut

(that's it, really. we all tend to be on the 'loose' side, here, honestly.)

a-spy-in-the-house-of-love, addictions, aggression, agony, all virgins are liars, androgeny, anxiety, apologies, arousal, asceticism, baby, bed-springs, bisexuality, biting back words, bondage, boys kissing, brutal, chat-room molestation, cheeky, chocolate, cold showers, coming unglued, confession, confusing love for lust, confusing lust for love, conquer me, crying, death by desire, defiance, denial, desire, destruction, devour me, dirty thoughts, distance, don't leave me, drowning, dwelling on things, dysfunctional, emotional baggage, everybody hates me, faking orgasms, fantasies, fetishes, fever-flushed, filth, fires in the lower-regions, frustrated virgins, fucked senseless, futility, glimpses in locker-room showers, god i hate me, god-damnit, going crazy, guilt, hiding, hopeless, horny teenagers, i didn't mean it, i love you, i want you, i'm not in love..., i'm pure- no really, i'm so sorry, i'm-young-but-i-know-when-i'm-aroused, i-am-going-to-die, in your dreams, insanity, internet stalkers, it-was-bad-for-me-was-it-bad-for-you?, jealousy, kissing just for practice, leather & lace, lesbianism, liars, lipstick kissed elbow-gloves, locked bedroom doors, longing, love, love from afar, love me, love/hate relationships, lust, malfunctioning sexual equipment, masochism, masturbation, mellow-thighed chicks, need, no no no, obsession, oh fuck, oh god, oh god why?, oh save me, oh-so evil, one-sided longing, passive aggression, pay me now, peeping toms, perversion, pimply-faced losers, please, pornography, pr0n!, pretending, puberty, red lights, screaming, secret admirers, secretly slutty, self-belittlement, self-denial, self-destruction, selfish, sex & candy, sex on a stick, sex on wheels, sex sex sex, sexual frustration, sexual phobias, sexual repression, sexually repressed, shaking, shame, shivering, shoot me, sin, slammed to the ground, slash, speechless, spying, stealing mom's lingerie catalogues, sugar daddy, tangled in the sheets, throbbing, too hot to handle!, trashy, twisted emotional content, unrequited love, unusual gender identity, velvet goldmine, want, warped bras, wet-dreams, what's wrong baby?, yes yes yes, you, you're wrong, you-know-you-want-it, your girlfriend